‘Tis the Season

I just took the long way home while returning from shopping today. The mid-western leafs are prettier this year than most. The temperatures are cool but not cold, not windy, not even damp. Fine fall weather to enjoy the last few days of the outside before we close the windows and pull the doors closed tight as we enter into Home Automation Season.


I know many refer the season after fall as winter. But I prefer to think of it as Home Automation season. I see the number of visitors at the on line forums, my Web Site, and My YouTube Channel all rise as temperatures drop outside. Less yard work must equate as more time to surf the Internet and configure automation software.


I’ve had difficulty waiting for the outside duties and tasks to end before starting new home automation projects this year. I think I continued to work on my home automation all summer. I have to say I think because its hard for me to tell sometimes where the fine line is between automation, and innovation. I converted my post lamp to a solar lamp. I put up a couple updated porch lights the wife liked and I am using frosted LED bulbs in the new fixtures. My driveway is clearly marked with the solar light and the front door safely lighted with a total of seven watts of electric.


I added an LED light bar that was already mounted under a cabinet in the kicthen to my evening-morning lighting macro as well. Now even a snack can be made of coffee poured without using lager more engery consuming lights. I have a small group of lights that come on at dusk, then off at bedtime. They come back on shortly before normal time to get up and go off as the sun rises. I use a light sensor (to trigger parts of the macros) as I prefer that to a timer.


I had hoped to replace the lawn lamps bulbs with LED replacement bulbs this year… but this year wasn’t the one. Maybe next year I will replace the lawn lamps with new hardwired (transformer powered) LED lawn lamps. I’ve seen them in the stores.


And that is what I mean by I think I worked on my home automation through the summer. Since [by my own definition of home automation] Home automation is: Any non-standard home integrated device or renovation that eliminates [or automates] a repetitive task. Or [by mechanical or electrical means] adds safety, security, convenience, or energy saving to the home. Reducing electrical use by techniclogical means, is certainly part of my part of my HA setup.


But… if its been a while since you’ve added to or improved upon your Home Automation system or setup… tis the season.

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